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About Us
Daksh Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging Internet Service Provider (ISP), committed to build the next generation broadband and leased line internet services for domestic and commercial uses.
Since the beginning, we have grown to become one of the best Wireless Internet service providers. Over this time we have maintained our commitment to providing premium quality services at extremely competitive prices. Our core business is domestic and corporate Internet services which include High Speed Wireless broadband service.
The company's size allows us to provide best-practice levels of speed, reliability and security, yet at the same time maintain our commitment to personal service through investment in staff.
Our aim is to provide consumers with:

High quality
Competitive price
Simple setup
Ease of use
Broadband service with excellent customer care!
Our philosophy
Our Philosophy is SIMPLICITY, we want to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to use our services, minimize stress and reduce confusion.
Daksh Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. is privately owned and operated ISP that delivers clear, simple, reliable and compelling telecommunications services at competitive prices to best meet the long term needs of our customers while delivering value for Resellers and providing a rewarding environment for employees.
At Daksh we will:
Deliver clear and simple product/plans to ensure we continue provide customers with the best telecommunications offerings available at a competitive price.
Provide a high level of service to our internal and external customers, networks, systems and processes that deliver Best in Class customer satisfaction.
Operate with integrity to achieve a superior customer experience via clear, simple and streamlined business processes.
Foster a culture of passionate, highly skilled and highly engaged people whose actions and attitudes are the basis of our enduring success.
Ensure consistency, simplicity and scalability in our service delivery to maximize customer growth and retention opportunities.
At Daksh we value:
Customers — We understand that our business exists to deliver clear and simple solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Through Customer insight and knowledge we continuously improve every customer interaction.
Great People — We hire on the basis of attitude, aptitude and skill yet above all we value people with strong values and treat people as they wish to be treated themselves.
Doing What We Say We Will Do — We always deliver clear and simple outcomes in the specified timeframes and to the standard that we say we will.
Team work — We operate the business with a sense of engagement that means staff take responsibility for their actions and behave with integrity in everything they do.
Home/Life Balance — We provide a working environment that encourages staff members to have an appropriate balance between corporate and home life whilst still achieving our goals.
Performance — We value employees who operate like Airnetwork is their business and balance commercially prudent business decisions with customer experience and ultimately share in the rewards that success brings.

24×7 Uninterrupted Internet
Hi-Speed internet
Instant Connectivity
Cost Effective
No Dropped Connection
Latest Technology
Free Set-Up Installation